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Food Forest Garden

Our goal when designing our garden was to establish an attractive and relaxing space which is both aesthetic and functional.  This we have definitely achieved.

The garden now quite established with in excess of 400 varieties of plants, ALL EDIBLE. It includes trees, shrubs, herbs, grains, water plants, climbers & edible flowers.

The garden is heavily mulched to conserve moisture & to create a bountiful soil structure. In addition, there is the joy of no lawn to mow!

Each plant is recorded & is available for you to taste as you wander through the garden.  Peruse the booklet, which is growing at the same rate as the garden.

The theme is “Grow, Cook, Eat” in harmony with nature.

The River House’s garden is a great place to just sit and relax.  There is a beautiful pergola, sculptures, the sound of water, places to cook outdoors and tables & chairs. Although it resembles a wonderful garden it is in fact a highly productive “Food Forest”.

Please feel free to “carefully” help yourself to the spoils.  You can’t beat fresh, hand picked produce.